Venmo Reviews | Fees – An app to transfer Money Online

Hi there, today I’ll talk about venmo reviews. Earlier I talked about the most famous apps to transfer money onlineDue to this increasing era of online marketing or any other business, payment exchanges are done instantly. So in such condition, it is not possible for any one to wait for long to deliver payments. And I dont think anyone carries cash (may be some of them carry) but not that much pennies. No one wants to do too much math, and writing a check is as antiquated as writing cursive. Venmo solves most of these problems. If you are unfamiliar with the term Venmo, let me tell you in brief about it first.

What is Venmo?

Venmo is a free app that lets you easily send and receive cash from friends, a basic but incredibly useful function. While it may rely too much on existing social networks, Venmo’s clear focus and strong execution make it one of the best overall mobile-payment systems.

Install Venmo app from playstore:

[appbox googleplay com.venmo]

Steps before we move to Venmo Reviews :

  1. Download the app from playstore and open it.
  2. Click Sign Up, an screen is likely to be seen like this:
  3. There are two options available. You can either sign up with facebook, or manually enter the fields and join venmo.
  4. Once you sign up, you can always use your username and password for performing transactions.
  5. Now you can send money online to your friends, which will be reflected in your friend’s news feed.

One thing I like most about this app is its news feed. You can always stay in touch with your friends regarding payments. Most elegant feature that is Like and Comment, for more interaction with your friend.

Venmo Fees :

Venmo do not always charges for most of its services. You can easily perform transactions and can send money to your friends using your debit cards. While if you use Credit cards for transferring money, it will incur about 3% charges. So if you have a debit card, I recommend you to send money using your debit cards instead of Credit cards.

Overall its all about venmo reviews and fees. Its just amazing app for money transfer online quickly. So do use this app for its attracting interface features. If you liked this post, please share it on social media for telling your friends too about this app. If I missed anything, always feel free to mention it in the comments sections below.


Venmo Reviews | Fees – An app to transfer Money Online
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