How to get Reliance Jio for Windows phone [Updated] {2018}

As we all know that reliance jio 4G sim is available now on almost all devices. But everytime users have to compromise with the latest launches. So today I am going to share a trick with you using which you can get reliance jio 4G sim on your windows phone. This trick is very simple to use and you can easily get your reliance jio 4G sim for Windows phone.

In order to get the Reliance jio 4G sim for your Windows phone you need to install all the apps on Android phone and generate the code for getting the SIM card.

Generate code of jio for Windows Phone:

  • Take any android device.
  • Install MyJio app:
  • Open the app, download all the apps.
  • After downloading all apps, exit app.
  • Go To Settings->Apps->MyJio
  • Clear app Data and again open the App
  • Turn off Mobile Data after opening app
  • Click on Open->
  • Turn On mobile data again and CLick on GET JIO Sim
  • That’s it, code is now generated
  • Take the code along with your respective documents to get the sim
  • Get the sim of jio for windows phone, enjoy!

Limitations of jio for Windows Phone:

  • Handset must be 4G LTE like LUMIA 640XL, 638 etc.
  • HD calls only supported on VOLTE supported devices.
  • No vpn support to increase speed

Moreover, myjio app is to be launched officially for Windows phone very soon. Till then use this trick for getting jio for windows phone.

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How to use Jio SIM in Windows Phone

  1. Go to phone settings in Windows Phone.
  2. Then open Network Settings under phone settings.
  3. Select Network mode as 4G or Highest Connection Speed.
  4. Now create and activate the Jio Access Point Name (APN).
    Name: jionet
    APN: jionet
  5. Save the above APN and activate the jionet APN.
  6. Restart your Windows phone and enjoy Jio unlimited Internet.

JIO SIM for Windows Phone FAQs

  • Does Jio officially support windows phone?
    Jio Apps are unsupported for windows phone but Jio SIM works on any 4G device. You will not be able to track your Voice and Data usage.
  • MyJio app for Windows Phone.
    MyJio app is not available for Windows phone.
  • Can I make unlimited voice calls?
    If your windows phone supports VoLTE network, you can call using windows dialer to make phone calls.
  • Jio Welcome Offer for Windows phone validity.
    Jio welcome offer is valid until 31st December for all 4G device. So, you will be able to use welcome offer till December 31st.
How to get Reliance Jio for Windows phone [Updated] {2018}
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