Password protection Tips to protect your security

Now a days there is a rapid increase in the level of usage of internet. Without which our life seems to be incomplete now. With the increase in the usage of internet in our daily routine, there is a increase in peril also about our privacy.

So there is a need to defend privacy hazards and to think about privacy protection. May be it is not possible for you to have 100% protection but still you should strive for password protection or privacy protection inorder to protect your privacy. Tips shared in this post may help you to put your first step towards internet privacy protection.


How to protect privacy online:

Main phase of protecting your privacy online includes effective or strong selection of the password you generated during the time of registration. Password plays very important role to protect your privacy from being deployed. Here are some tips you may follow to level up your password protection.

1. Password selection:- It is always advisable not to include your personal details like your name, date of birth, residential city etc in your password. You should always chose a unique password distinct from your personal details. Special characters should be used if allowed in order to make your password more strong. Implementing unique phrases including spaces is also a good idea for selecting a strong password.

2. Multiple Password:- Do not use same password for multiple websites. Using same password across various sites is very dangerous. Here is a recent example of the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg as his account was recently hacked by the group of hackers named OURMINE. This occurred just because he used same password for both Linkedin and pinterest profiles. So it is advisable to use multiple passwords for multiple logins.

3. Proper Logout:- Most of the peoples just use to login into an account and just close the window without proper logout. It should be avoided as proper logout stops session of the login, which makes account secured.

4.Two step authentication:- It is most advanced feature of few of the website as it includes two step verification in order to login to your account. First, you are needed to use your password and in another step you will be needed to provide the OTP (One Time Password) sent on your provided contact details i.e., phone number, email etc. Once your properly typed your password and OTP successfully you are likely to be logged in to your account.

5. Password sharing:- Last but not least, you should never share your password with anyone to keep protect your privacy. It is very necessary for privacy protection to keep your password secret. As internet privacy is all about password protection.

So use multiple passwords desperately, as it makes our account safer. Do you use multiple passwords for multiple logins? If you know any other tip regarding online privacy protection. Please do let us know in comments section below.

Password protection Tips to protect your security
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