Newest pokemon game : Pokemon Go

newest pokemon game

Newest pokemon game released by the developers of Niantic called Pokemon Go. We at our early ages used to watch many cartoon programs, most of the time spent in front of TV. When I was of 4-5 years old, I always think of getting back home after my school gets over in order to switch my Tv channel to cartoon network. One of my most favourite cartoon was pokemon. I always wondered to play a real world pokemon game.

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The most recent and newest pokemon game not released in all countries, the app is still in beta version and is not released officially. While a testing version of the game is viral now and can be experienced now in testing version only. In this real world game, we need to travel across streets and its really very cool to catch a pokemon roaming on streets. Pokemon Go is the game in which one need to collect pokemons and can have fight with their respective opponents by going forward seeking for a place called Gym.

It is indeed a very cool game as previously no other game provided such real world amusement game. But apart from that there are many disadvantages also of this game as it may increase level of accidents as to catch up pokemons on streets may distracts mind, which may lead to any severe accident. So while playing this game, we also need to be attentive towards street vehicles etc.

Download Pokemon Go, the newest pokemon Game:

  • You may download the game here.
  • Save the file and install it on your device.
  • Sign in to your Google Play Games account and fill up the requirement fields.
  • You are ready to go now.

The game works with camera, GPS, and working network connection, so its obvious that it’ll suck more battery. Overall a nice realistic pokemon game for free, install it and start collecting different pokemons to defeat your facing opponent. If you are facing any problem in installing com Pokemon, feel free to tell us in comments section below.


Newest pokemon game : Pokemon Go
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