Mini Militia Mod APK Download: 1 One Shot Kill Death | Double Damage

Hello there. I am here to provide mini militia mega mod one shot death unlimited ammo, nitro and boost. Most of the visitors asked for this trick without unlimited health.

So in this Mod you will find doodle army 2 mod with 1 shot kill including unlimited ammo, unlimited boost. Just follow below instructions easily. And enjoy this unlimited mod of doodle army 2 mini militia.

Features of Mini Militia Mod :

  • mini militia mod one shot death unlimited ammo
  • mini militia mod no reload
  • mini militia mod patcher
  • mini militia mod pro pack apk free download
  • mini militia mod two guns
  • mini militia mod unlimited bomb
  • mini militia mod unlimited ammo and nitro or boost
  • mini militia mod without root
  • mini militia mod with custom
  • mini militia mod without unlimited health
  • mini militia mod 1 shot kill
  • mini militia mod 2.2.52 pro pack

Instruction to Install Mini Militia Mega Mod:

File Name:- Mini Militia Mega Mod

File Size:- 48.81MB


  • First Of all Uninstall older versions of MINI MILITIA
  • Download and Install Mini Militia Mega Mod Version
  • Open the app And Start playing
  • Enjoy unlimited version of mini militia doodle army 2!

So download this amazing mod hack of mini militia. And enjoy unlimited battle resources like bombs, ammo, booster or nitro. Doodle Army has now become a most trending game. Specially among youngsters and college students.

So, Don’t be far away from this addictive game. Start shooting your friends online in this amazing game. And Enjoy its stunning environment in the maps like. High Tower, Catacombs, Outpost, No Escape, So Long, Sub Division, Pyramid and much more. ‘Credit

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52 thoughts on “Mini Militia Mod APK Download: 1 One Shot Kill Death | Double Damage

  1. Christopher says:

    Kailangan ko unlimiyed health

  2. Rishabh says:

    I am unable to download mega mod

    • Admin says:

      Hey Rishabh Click on the Link in the post.

  3. Amit says:

    Send me the link of mini militia unlimited nitro+ one shot kil

    • Admin says:

      Click the link in the post.

    • Thomson says:

      I can’t download ghost mod

  4. jatin says:

    I want a mini militia 2 with unlimited nitro , ammo , 1 shot kill and specially slow damage or 2x health
    Please give link

    • Admin says:

      This version is already in this post. Just click the link to start downloading.

  5. Ritesh kumar sahoo says:

    How to install the game

    • Admin says:

      Uninstall previous version. Download And install the mod version by clicking on the link.

  6. teddy says:

    where is link in the post

  7. Subhajit Tripathy says:

    I am unable to download this mod.

  8. San says:

    After opening the link in the post…… icant download the app..
    How could i .??

  9. Arun says:

    Hi this is Arun I could not able to download using the link showing loading error please tell me the other ways to download

    • Admin says:

      download it here:-

  10. kashyapkumbhani says:

    Download – New mini milita Mod. Nice

  11. sambit says:

    Sir please create amid having double gun and one shot also

  12. arjun says:

    I want unlimited ammo and nitro and double guns in a single version

  13. Vishal Sharma says:

    thanks for the hack but the game freezes sometimes……

  14. deepak says:

    Where us option to downloAd

  15. ARUN says:

    this link is finally the solutution for getting free Mini Miltia pro pack…

  16. devanshu says:

    I’m not able to download it

  17. sharma ji says:

    I use i m happy with ur feedback

  18. Dipanshu says:

    Iam just download the. Game lets see what the game its one shot kill and unlimited ammo and bombs etc lets see how the game

  19. Chirag says:

    Send me the link of latest version of mini militia – one shot kill infinite ammo and nitro

  20. naveen says:

    I want download mini militia if i have sniper I want to have to second gun rocket launcher

  21. Puneet says:

    Wall through version is not working
    Help me

  22. Arjun dx says:

    How to download i can’n

  23. rajat says:

    How to unlock pro version??

  24. LALIT TRIPATHI says:

    my asus zenfone 5 cant supporting mini militia mega mod .my gun is not working.
    but bomb and dual gun is supporting.

  25. Arsh Gill says:

    Dual’s are not working in online battle.

  26. Divey says:

    On which link should i click to download mini militia mod apk….send me screenshot pls

  27. Paresh says:

    Please muje unlimited health and wall mod mini militia ki link dedo….

  28. paresh says: says:

    Please send link of mini militia unlimited health and wall

  29. vivel says:

    I have error to download

  30. Mohit says:

    In opinion its is good game but i advice you if unlock rank of all version so it may be become a world best game👌👌

  31. Navneet says:

    I can’t download when i click on download the page is not geeting open

  32. Vicky says:

    I want ios mod version

  33. The rock MM says:

    No able to dowload repost the download lunk plzz.. link is crashed plzz help me.. 😆😆

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