How to set up Page Level ads in Blogger

Google adsense recently introduced new Page-level ads to all publishers, earlier it was only available in some countries.
Page-level ads are categorized in two of the following formats:


Anchor/overlay ads: This unit of ad is shown at the bottom of the screen.Users can easily dismiss them at any time.

Vignette ads: Ads shown in a new pop-up when user is going to leave the current page.This ad unit can be easily skipped by the user.

Steps to set up Page-level ads in blogger :-

1. Log into you adsense account and Goto -> My ads -> Page-level ads.
2. You will see there two buttons for Anchor/overlay and Vignette ads each, turn them On.
3. Now scroll down and get the code for your ad.
4. Now parse your code here, or else you’re likely to see an error like this while pasting.
5. Login to your blogger account, goto Template -> Edit HTML and paste the code after <head> tag.
6. It’s all done, you can test your applied ads by just typing #googleads after your website url.
How to set up Page Level ads in Blogger
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