How to recover windows phone 10 to 8.1

We earlier learned how to upgrade Windows phone manually, but upgrading to non-official package of Windows Phone 10 might work device unexpectedly as the updated version of windows is obviously a preview designed for developers. This version of Windows may tend device to run in an unwanted behaviour due to which many of the users decides to revert back to the previous version of windows(i.e, Windows Phone 8.1) .

So here are few steps that you may follow in ordere to recover your windows phone to 8.1 :-

1. All you need is only Windows device recovery tool installer.

2. Install and open the software and connect your Windows phone 10 device that you want to be recovered. Your device is likely to be seemed like:

windows phone recovery,installing windows phone 8.1, windows phone installing software

3. Tap on your detected device, next screen will be showing details of currently running operating system (i.e, Windows Phone 10)

windows phone recovery,windows phone recovery,windows phone recovery tool

4. Click on Install software,  probably it should start downloading software of available version your Windows device,you may disconnect your phone while downloadig, and connect again while installing software on your device.

windows phone recovery tool from 10 to 8.1,installing package of windows 8.1

5. Once the software finished downloading, click on install , it may take around 15 minutes to install it on your device.

windows phone recovery tool installing

6. All done, click on finish, you successfully recovered your windows phone device from 10 to 8.1 . Next window seems to be appeared like:

windows phone recovery tool

7. Now feeling better, share to those also who are still stucked up to this problem, help them to roll back from windows 10 mobile preview.

How to recover windows phone 10 to 8.1
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