Format or Reset without losing Data

We always get stucked at the verge of formatting or resetting our smartphones just because of the fear of losing data, and we always need to delete our stored data in order to free up some bit of space to store more important files. It is not possible for us to store data to any external drive everytime to store more files, when we need to push up some additional data to our memory. So in this way everyone just starts stepping back from formatting or resetting our smartphones. 

For such situation, a solution is available there that is commonly names as cloud storage or cloud computing. 

  • What is cloud storage ?
Cloud storage is nothing just an online storage of files or a memory where we can store our important files that may be any video, audio, picture or any other document. 
So you need not to save your data everytime to external hard drive and you will also be able to skip the deletion of files. Just upload your files with the help of working network connection and you will be able to access data uploaded anytime that even can be restored on your device easily once you finish formatting or resetting your smartphone. And you can now easily free up desired space on your smartphone or desktop, some of the online cloud storage providers are Dropbox, Onedrive etc.
It has now a days became very tremendous way or technique of storing files on a web, we just simply need to sign up which hardly takes a few minutes. Main advantage of cloud storage is that we can access our stored files or documents from anywhere in the world. 
Cloud storage is helpful in keeping our data safe, when your device is lost or stolen, as you can log in to your cloud storage account anytime and can control all your stuff there. In this way you will also be escaped from losing your important data.
In the upcoming era of technology, devices are likely to be seen without any external hard drive for storing files, as it will already be replaced by cloud computing. Using lifi technology, we can reach ultimate high speed internet of approximately 10GB per second which will make it more reliable use of cloud storage.
Format or Reset without losing Data
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